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Using the phone's camera has become the first choice for taking pictures and happy moments, but we always need to amend these pictures directly from the phone in a professional manner.

 The first application PicAtr

This program is the most widespread in 2019, as the application was downloaded more than 5 million in the year 2019.
This program has many features and a lot of filters and you can use the program for free in many features such as removing part of the image or writing on it and there are distinct filters and special program only with adding a new feature with the latest update which is scanning automatically and you can apply the best settings for pictures in terms of Automatically lighting, colors and filters.
Disadvantages of this application: In order to use all the features, the application must be purchased at a price you may see high and reduce the accuracy of the photos when adjusting them.


The second application - Cam Homme

This program rarely finds those who use it in the Arab countries, this program was created by a Chinese developer, its first release in the second half of 2018, but in this period it began to spread widely among phones, as many languages, including English, were supported.

The program is completely free and you can open all features and has its own store. You can download sadness of filters, writing style, highlights and others.

The program is distinguished as the best program for merging image illumination, writing on the body (tattoo) and writing methods in a professional way and exporting pictures with high quality.

The third application - VSCO

This application has a special method for photography, through which you can take professional photos with very high accuracy and modify them without reducing their accuracy and there are many rare filters for all of the remaining programs, as if a separate platform was created for this application through which you can share photos on your page inside and keep With pictures, you can refer to it when opening your account from another phone, which is completely free.


Fourth application - SnapSeed
This application is the most prevalent in the world and it is supported by Google and it is completely free through which you can take pictures, amend them and share them as it maintains the quality of the image as the original.

This is characterized by the power of the amendment to the image's colors, it is possible to control every part of the image separately from the rest of the image and supports all phones for Android and IOS systems.

It also gives you some cinematic filters or forms of wars and the effects of Star and Rose movies and other effects that are difficult to implement on the phone.


Fifth application - AirBrush

This application through which you can take all the pictures that you like to share, it is divided through filters for personal photos, food photos and landscapes, it is characterized by the abundance of filters inside it as it has a simple and smooth interface and you can modify all your photos without the need for other programs.

Its drawback: some filters reduce the resolution of photos by up to 60% of true quality.


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