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Hello, I am Abdulaziz, a technical blogger and founder of technology website, interested in the internet and web design field. My goal is to create a website that provides design and problem-solving services.

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Is Profit from the Internet Easy for Beginners?

For beginners it is not easy and not impossible, but it can be uncomplicated for a beginner in the field of profit from the Internet and blogger blogs, and this depends on the percentage of your interaction with the Internet and how you understand the ways of writing topics and publishing explanations and others.

Steps to profit from the Internet from scratch. (In order of experience).

Profit from blogger blogs.

1. Create a blogger blog.

2. Create a Google AdSense account. (To receive the earnings)

3. Create your channel on YouTube and if you do not publish anything, it strengthens the name of your site in the search engines.

4. Begin customizing and creating your blog, such as applying a blogger template in your language with fast browsing, creating topic sections, creating a logo for your blog, and the like of these details. (To see what are the basic specifications for your blog template, click here)

5.Buy a paid domain for $ 1 a year (recommend Godaddy).

6. Install the paid domain on your blog to http://example.com

7. Create the main important pages (contact us, who we are, privacy policy). Your site will not be accepted on Google Adsense without these pages.

8. Prefer your blog search settings, such as serving robots.txt and ads.txt.

9.Open an account on the Google Console webmaster tools site.

10. Submit the sitemap file, which is responsible for archiving the blog and its appearance in search engines.

11. Share some topics on your blog in a simple way, not transferred from other sites and not less than 400 words.

12. Your blog should contain at least 40 posts distributed across sections (meaning if you have 3 sections and they are computers, telephones and programs, posts should be distributed to them, for example, 13 topics in the computer section, 6 in the phones section and 11 in the programs section and so on) Empty posts, topics must be published on multiple days 4 posts per day, and this means that your blog is complete and this makes it easier for you to accept Google Adsense.

13. Customize the metatag codes and their usefulness is to link your social media links to your blog so that you can post your topics on these sites without blocking the links.

14. Subscribing to feedburner and this site archives your posts faster as it strengthens your blog in search engines and includes your site feed.

15.Continue posting topics for two months from the start of creating the blog and set your blog professionally at this time.

16. Do not post words such as (hacking, activating) or posting a porn video or the like. When this happens, your blog will be rejected in Google Adsense.

17. Create accounts for your entire site on social media, such as facebook, twitter, instagram and many others, this increases the power of linking your site to search engines.

18. Try to make your blog template simple and does not contain flash images, animations, or the like because this reduces the display of ads on the blog and sometimes it is contrary to the policies of Google Adsense.

19. During the time that your site is reviewed by Google Adsense, publish the topics every day to prove to Google that you are continuing to publish the topics.

20. After completing these steps, submit your site to Google Adsense and your blog will be accepted for profit. (Your site’s review period is from 5 to 12 days).

21. Copy your ad code and paste it into your blog template under the tag <head>.

22. After obtaining $ 10 in your Google AdSense account, you will be asked to confirm your account by sending a code to your real address (your home), then you must put your correct data on the Google Adsense site.

23. The code takes 2 to 4 weeks to arrive, and it may not be final. If it does not come, request it again and it will be sent again, if it does not reach the second time, talk to Google AdSense support and you will activate the Adsense account by sending the face of your national ID card or passport.

24. After you activate the Adsense account, you have completed all the difficult tasks, and now you have to publish the most searched topics and publish your site to the maximum degree in order to obtain profits.

After completing these steps, you will be transferred to the experts.

For those with little experience it is very easy, but you have to create a site that is not traditional, characterized by the speed and importance of the content you provide, and you must pay attention to the smallest details to the search engines and the emergence of your site in the first results.

1. Take care of keywords while writing topics, you can try Google AdWord and keyword sites to get the most powerful search words for your topic.

2. Choose and write the keywords professionally not visible on the topics and you can learn about this method from here.

3. Edit the original subject image, preferably from your own design, and write your website link on it.

4. Subject format, writing format, and image display.

5. If you provide explanations of something, it is necessary for you to photograph the explanation and post it on your YouTube channel, then share it within your topic.

6. You can choose a more professional template to place more ads.

7.Post the topics of trendy content (Trend), which helps you to increase the views of your blog.

8. Publish daily research topics such as branches and addresses of banks or immediate and others, there are those who search for these places on a daily basis.

9. Post similar topics within your posts and display articles on the right side of the page.

10. Make a stable shape for the site and color the eyes comfortably.

YouTube channel utility to support your site.

1.YouTube channel increases your website traffic.

2.Your site can be linked to the YouTube channel.

3. Promote search engine visibility.

4.You can activate the profit after you meet the conditions and double your profits.

5. Share the explanation video inside your posts inside the blog to benefit from the visitor.

Professional designs and effects.

1. Make a professional design for the cover image and main image and assign a username to the channel.

2. Create a custom thumbnail for your channel to get a professional look of all your videos.

3. Make a professional introduction and conclusion to the video.

4. Do your own professional logo that expresses your channel or the name of your channel.

How to start with the least tools.

These tools will help you get started with some designs.

1. Photoscape: It is a completely free program with a simple interface that you can use to create image designs.

2. Filomra 9 program: You can use this program to film the screen and also to amend the video and write some comments on it, and you can also professionalize its features and be able to create a professional video with it, also it is simple and easy to use.

3. removebg site: this site enables you to remove background images and get an icon or unpacked without background.

4. Google Trend: This site shows you the most searched topics on this day. You can create a topic that people search for a lot.

5. Mediafire: Use this site to upload files that you provide to visitors because it does not contain annoying advertisements.
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